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The Rendorn Kennel

By Ian Cook

CH Rendorn deadly nightshade

Norman and Dorothy Berry registered` there Rendorn affix in 1965. They had been active in breeding Staffords in partnership with there friend Mr Norman Entwistle prior to this, when both parties decided to dissolve the partnership and peruse there own separate breeding programs. There early years brought forth the odd decent specimen but nothing to shout about until they struck gold when they mated there bitch Rendorn Rapid Reprisal to Eddie and Mary Pringleís CH Hurricane of Judael
From this litter came CH Rendorn Deadly Nightshade and her brother Rendorn the Mighty Quinn.
Although Nightshade made it to Champion status very easily Quinn did not attain his tittle though he did receive several RCCís. He did however prove a very valuable asset to the Rendorn breeding program in the years that followed.

Unfortunately Night shade was not able to be bred from and luckily they had kept her litter sister not as good but still having the same bloodline. She was in turn mated to her half brother Brewmaster Sparticus and from this litter came CH Rendorn no Retreat a black brindle. CH Rendorn no Retreat was in turn mated to a dog that has made probably more impression on the breed than any other dog up to this point in time no prizes for guessing his name of course I am talking of CH Black Tusker.

CH Rendorn no retreat

CH Rendorn right marker

This litter produced another very good Champion bitch in CH Rendorn Devilís Timpani a very sound and well constructed bitch well of the leg she gained her tittle very quickly and proved her worth as a brood bitch to the kennel producing some very good specimens. No retreat was also mated to Constones Tuscaloosa Sam and produced another flyer in CH Rendorn right marker. Insodently for me Tuscaloosa Sam was very unlucky not to have been made up to Champion status he was very similar in type to CH Spartan Victor although bigger all round.

CH Rendorn Drummer boy of Kazemick

Meanwhile Timpani had been mated to Quinn and this produced one of the best
dogs of that time who was CH Rendorn Drummer boy of Kazemick. I remember seeing him for the first time at the North West open show when he was only a young dog and was very impressed by him. He was a black brindle well off the leg and very well constructed.

Timpani was also mated to a great favorite of mine who was CH Skean Dhu who was by CH Black Tusker as was Timpani. This mating produced CH Rendorn Apollyon who was for me the best bitch produced by this kennel. She was again well off the leg very good in outline but was stronger in the head than her mother and grand mother but very similar to them in size and shape.She was the last champion bitch to be bred from the kennel and was never bred from. I myself had her brother who sired a few good litters and sired one champion daughter(I would have loved to have owend both).

CH Rendorn Apollyon

CH Rendorn the renegade of Linestaff

Norman and Dorothy are no longer active as breeders but still remain very active in the breed as judges and in committee work. Many of there dogs can be found behind allot of to-days winning dogs.They bred a strain of dogís that by type were easily identified and benefited many a kennel that bought from or used dogís from the Rendorn kennel

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