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Me and Staffords

By Ian Cook

Mac was around fifteen and three quater inches at the withers and weighed around forty pounds. He was not a big dog but was very head stronge and always on his toes and ready to go in the ring or simply out on the lead.If he took a dislike to a dog while in the show ring then there was very little I could do to get him to show properly. I remember comming out of the ring at Manchester having had a real bad time with him only to be told by Norman “your not getting the best out of him”. With the sweat pouring out of me and feeling and feeling knackerd I replied “you have ago” and from then on Norman kindly showed and did a far better job than I. He did do very well and won some very good classes his best day being at National terrier under Mr Fred Ward were he took the Res CC from a huge entry. He was used at stud around twenty times and produced some very good stock. One of the best being Regal Maxim a dog that I think could have made his title had it not been for his owners buisness commitments making demands on his time. Another very good bitch was Australian CH Lady Tusker bred by my cousin and owend by the Rowels of Perth western Australia. She was inturn mated to Fulfin black Hawk and produced another flyer in
CH Bradcotte Geordie girl. This bitch won several top awards including B.I.S. at the S.B.T. club of Western Australia in 1992 under Mr Gerry Holmes beating her father on the day for B.I.S. She repeated this win again in 1994 under Mr Tony Lee.

Rendorn Double Maxim

CH Bradcotte Geordie Girl

I had Mac for 13 years when he had to be put to sleep to prevent him suffering from prostrate cancer.
I have been very lucky in that all the dogs I have owend have lived long and happy lives. Each one had there own charater and leave me with happy memories of each of them. Iconsider myself to be very fortunate to have owend such good and loyal pets. I do not have any dogs at present but enjoy going to the odd show and seeing what catches my eye.

Foot note

I would like to thank all those who have contributed to my site in the way of articles, photo’s or advice and information in it’s production witthout which would have been impossible to complete thank you.

Ian and Mac

Philstaff Tribal Warrior