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Beauty and the beast part two

Eighteen months prior to this fight Martha had been mated to CH Quizz of Wyncroft who lived about 12 mile from me. His owner Mr Lenoard Cowgill agreed to mate her with his dog after my very diplomatic speil, about how good the pedigrees were and how they complemented each other, and that all my breeding went back to CH Gentlemen Jimthrough JollyRoger,CH Windeyland Kim,CH Emden Corsican and CH Corsair of Wyncole who was owned by Miss Peebles.

The maiting was a success and in due course after the northern Counties show held in Huddersfeild, quite a few well known fanciers of the breed came back to take alook at the litter. I think June Horsfall was one as she was the only one with transport at the time. John Gibson was probably there and so was the late Bob Slisbury and it was him who advised me to keep the brindle puppy with the floppy ear who was Bill. This gave me great encouragement as Arnold my brother and I had more than one argument about keeping Bill back. This caused me to buy out Arnold’s part of the partnership. This was probably a good time for him as he was about to be married again

The crux of all this preamble is that CH Bellerophon Billy boy developed into one of the most handsome Staffords around at that time. He won under all-rounders and breed speciialists alike. He gained his first CC at Crufts under Mr Jonn F Gordon at the tender age of 16 month. He won 10 CCs in all at a time when there were only twenty one pairs given in a period of 12 month. He sired CH Son of Billy boy, CH Buster Bill,CH Judy of Brunaburgh(bred by myself) who incidentally was B.O.B at Crufts in 1960 and 1961, and also CH Top hat.

For all his successes in the show ring and his excellent nature I will always regard his mother Martha as being the greatest Stafford I ever owend

Foot note

Alan is now 82 years of age but remains very keen to matters concerning the S.B.T. I call him on a regular basis and his mind and his witt are as keen as ever. The Bellerophon affix remains active and is now a partnership with Alan and Jacky Coates

CH Judy of Brunaburgh