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I first saw CH Megabyte black bomber at theNotts & Derby CH show. I was sitting on one of the benches having a cup of tea, when in walked this young beautiful black brindle dog. I said to his owner how much I liked the look of him to which she replied, (do you think he might of stopped growing yet), he was about 17”even then at only 9 months of age. He did though even at that early stage in his development show real potential.

I feel sure that as a young dog his size might have put allot of judges off he looked leggy and gangly at this stage and dwarfed nearly everything in his class. However at around 18 months he was starting to turn into a very nice and really well balanced dog with a very good head showing a nice balance between skull and muzzle and having plenty of strength of muzzle and also having nice clean lips without any sign of fleshiness. His body was also developing his brisket had dropped nicely to the point of elbow and his ribs had also started to spring. One thing that also got my attention was how short he was in the back and how level a top line he has which he also carry’s very well on the move. His hind quarters were also well developed at this stage without being over done. He still needed for me though another year to finish his development.

His first big win was at the 2000 under DR Monty Edward's were he took the CC. This was the break through that Colin his owner and handler was looking for as he was a very difficult dog to show and manage. His second CC came shortly after at Darlington CH show under Mr Patrick Mc Glynn were he took the CC and went B.O.B on the day and really looked the part. His third and qualifying CC came under Mr Alan Hedges at the Midland Counties CH show in 2001. This came as great relief to Colin as the dog had spoilt his chances of winning many times before this by playing up in the ring making it difficult for judges to assess the merits of the dog something, I think Alan mentioned of in his critique. To cap things of he took a 4th CC at Blackpool under Mr J Holle in 2002.

He was withdrawn from further competition in the same year as he was proving more and more difficult for Colin to handle which was a shame as he could, IM sure have picked up major win’s along the way. I was really glad that he gained his tittle as at more than one point; Colin very nearly threw the towel in because of his antics in the ring, and for me he really was worthy of his tittle. As yet I haven't seen anything in the ring by the dog but Colin Tel's me he has a puppy by him that he is very pleased with so I look forward to seeing her soon.