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Now and then part two

By Alan Greenwood

In the forties I was campaigning Miss Vengenance,traveling was a nightmare in those days. Private transport was none existent and few if one were lucky enough to get a lift, say four or five of us going in one car from our area to the parent club show, usualy turned out to be quite an adventure. The cars were mostely old bangers as they were pre-war and maintinance through the war years was in most cases was neglected. A journey of 75 miles to 90 miles without at least one breackdown was unheard of.

The popular mode of traveling was nearly always by train. I would entrain at Brighouse to get to the main line at Leeds and would probably be joined by Lenoard Cowgill who owend CH Quiz of Wyncroft would also join me as would Mr Thompson the Northern Counties secretery with Blandona Brandy Snap (who later became mine). Young Jim Squiers and his father were also there with Broadway Belle. Further down the line we would be joined by Bob Salisbury who was showing CH Nita’s Choice. After a few more miles we would pick up Mr Altoft who owend CH Goldwyns Leading Lad. The food and drink we had brought was shred by all and the conversation was both electric and very witty. The dogs were kept out of the conversation as all were all of very good quality. Mind you the judge would take some stick except by the one’s who had done well. The expeditions and that is what they were,seemed to be enjoyed by all and I am sure everyone looked forward to the next one

Alan , piper and Sam after completing his walk from Scotland to Seaham at the North East first
Championship show to raise funds for the
Stafford rescue. Alan would be about 65 years
of age and walked 160 miles approxamitly

Alan with Bellerophon Nightshade Gleam 1 cc 1 rcc
and Bellerophon Dynamite (Dinah)

A Young Alan Greenwood
six foot two dark and handsome
or so he tells me