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The Origins of the Staffordshire bull terrier

By Fred Phillips

The Stafford is or should be a strongly built compact dog, and the one’s termed very square are of the ideal type.The rib cage should extend for a good two thirds of the body,with a very short space between the last rib and the hind quaters. This correct conformation gives that charictoristic devil-may-care gait that is so different to other terriers, which have narrow shoulders and rib-cage and slightly longer back, making there movment like an articulated truck. Hence all that desired compactness is lost. The Stafford strike one as jaunty and very light on his feet, despite his stronge build. He should never appear to be ponderous or give the impression of which is found in the bulldog ‘cloddy type dogs’. Terriers which we which we can persume to be part of the Staffords make up and similar to the Manchester would have been similar in type to the English white terrier the main difference being the colour. Liverand black and tan were not to be encouraged. A black bull dog is never seen,as the bulldog’s standard bars this colour. Therfore if the Stafford came from the white English terrier and the bulldog, how did the black Stafford originate?.After looking back at what was supposed to be the main ancestors of the Stafford, one can only assume that other breeds were also involved in his evalution. Having examined the origin of the Stafford, one moves on to his charicteristics, and it is from the past history the modern day dog inherits his charicter of indomitable courage and high itelligence, his great affection for his freinds, family, children and his total trustworthy stability makes him the foremost all purpose dog.

The Stafford is not indiscriminately aggresive towards other dogs, but if challenged usually responds with eager and brisckness and his memory is long. If he is attacked by a dog of another breed he will harbour an intence dislike for that breed in or out of the show.

A Payton Smith with CH Brigands Bosu’n

Harry Hatton with CH Brindle Cresendo

Judge Jack Banard


J.F. Gordon with Lucky star of Bandits

Frank Holloway with CH Our Queenie

The last pit line bred Stafford’s

Mr Neville Faullfner with O’Rooney

Mr Amos Smith with Butch

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