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Rendorn Drummer Boy Of Kazemick


Ian Cook

I saw CH Rendorn Drummer boy of Kazemick for the first time at the North West C lub show when he was in the junior dog class. I was standing with Dave Eddy when we both got an eye full of him. He was everything that I look for in a Staffordshire bull terrier, Very good head without any exaggeration, Good balance between skull and muzzle but what realy got my eye was his body shape and outline. He had an excelent front wide deep briscket and very straight and sound. In profile he did not disoppoint ether being very short in the back and having a good top line and also a very good spring of rib as well as great depth of rib leading the short couling we desire to see in a well balanced specimen. He still needed a year to finish him of but all the necassary attributes were there and time would only improve the dog as you can see by the photo’s, the photo on the left shows a young dog while the photo on the right shows the finished article.

Ted as he was known by his pet name did very well in the show ring gaining many B.O.B. wins and gained
four CCs in total. These came at the L.K.A. under Mr D Smart 1984, Darlington under Mrs J oyce Shorrocks 1985 , The Western S.B.T.C. under Mrs Nancy Bolton 1985 and to round things of Crufts dog show 1986 under Mrs June Bennet. He was always shown in the peak of condition and was truely one of the very best of his day and could to-day still hold his own. As a sire he also proved his worth sireing some very good stock and producing yet another Champion dog for the Rendorn collection of Champions in CH Rendorn the Renrgade of Linestaff. My good freind Patrick Mc Glynn still regrets to this day that his bitch Angelic Assasin did not produce a litter after a mating to Ted. I myself bought my own dog Rendorn Double M axim after seeing Rendorn Drummer boy of Kazemick when his mother CH Rendorn Devils Timpani was mated to CH Skean Dhu. Alot is said of the sires influence when you see a good dog many of us look to see who the sire was and forget about the bitches influence on the breedeing of the particular dog, but for me Rendorn Drummer boy of Kazemick was allot in the mould of his dam.