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Dickie Austin on CH Ben Hur

After Bens win at the S.K.C. I arranged with my old freind Ian Cook to travel down to the Parent club Championship show in Walsall with Ian and his sister Sheila. We left early morning around five thirty. As we had been on the road for about one and a half hours we hit the worst fog I have seen and we all were thinking about doing a u turn but Ian decsided to continue and see how things would go. Eventualy after what seemed like an eternety the fog started to lift and at last we started to make some progress. MR Gerald Westwood was judging on the day both dogs and bitches and had a World record entery at the time of 362 Staffords. I took Ben in for his class and won the class and was delighted with that. I took him in for the challenge and could not belive it when Mr Westwood walked over to me and awarded me the CC my heart was raceing and is a moment in my life I will never forget. Yet even more was to come when Ben was awarded the B.I.S. WHAT A DAY. Im so pleased we decsided to carry on that morning in the fog as we did, very nearly turn back.

Bens next big win came at The city of Birmingham under Mr Horace Dunn were he was awarded the ResCC, his next CC came at Bath under Mr John Bird in May 1984. In June 1984 he was arwarded his third and qualifying CC under MrJohn Monks and in August 1984 he gained hid fourth and final CC under Mr Fred Ward. He also went B.I.S. at the Parent club Golden Jubilee show in 1985 under Mr Tim Sharp.

Ben has left me with some great memories he was a very intelegent dog how could also do his share of party tricks to amuze family and freinds. When people ask me how I got my first dog I aways reply BEN HUR WON ON A BET!

Dick and Ben aftter a win at the Parent club show

Dick with many of the trophies won by Ben

Dick and Ben at the S.K.C.

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