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Born in 1957 CH Rellim A’ Boy was the first home bred champion of the world famous Rellim kennel. He was the product of a mating between CH Wychbury Red Riband and CH Wychbury Midly girl, a half brother and sister mating. CH Rellim A’Boy was considered at that time to be a very exceptional dog for that period. He was a striking pied dog standing at fifteen and three quater inches at the withers and weighing thirty seven pounds;thus meeting the breed standard weight and height limit and thus proving it possible to breed a dog of real quality and balance while remaining within the set perameters of the breed standard for both requirements

His best vertue was his head which was considered by many of the breed specialists of the day to be of the ideal type. His nature was always a puzzle to both Terry and Jack he was a real gentlemen at home, however when it came to show time he was very aggressive and very hard to handle in the ring.
At one show he was so bad that Jack was told to withdraw him from the ring and bring him back when the judge had gone over the rest of the dogs. He was brought back on his own for the judge to assess and took the Cc on the day

At this point in time Jack had another pied dog in the kennel who I think may have been A’Boys litter brother who was very similar to A’Boy and was blind in one eye from an injury which happened some years earlier. This poor dog was constantly attacked by a large local dog which ran wild. It seemed to know of the dogs affliction and would attack from his blind side causing injury to the dog. Jack grew tiered of this and one day decided to substitute the dog with A’Boy. Sure enough in came the dog to attack again from what he thought was the blind side however this time he had taken on far more than he was able to handle and A’Boy turned him over in a crack and Jack and the other dog never had any more trouble from the dog again.

Sadly CH Rellim A’Boy died at an early age after suffering from an infected liver he died within days of the diagnosis of the condition. He was only used at stud on a few occasions, He did though leave Jack and Terry a very good dog in CH Rellim Ferryvale Victor, who went on to make his mark on the breed also producing winning and champion stock.Ifeel it a great loss that CH Rellim A’Boy died so early as Ifeel with his depth of pedigree and by the quality of progeny he produced in such a few mailings, I feel sure that he could have proved to be a major influence on the breed had he lived longer and was used used more, we will never know!.