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A Tribute to Fred Phillips

Fred was well known and respected in the area he was manager of the Stewpony hotel for many years although when I first met him he was in semi retirement working as manager of the police club in Dudley. I can remember on one visit to Fredís being told by Margaret that he was waiting for me at the police club. Off I went arriving at the club to see Fredís car parked outside on a bend, on double yellows and in full view of the main desk (only he could get away with that one).On another occasion we were traveling back after a night out at the dog club when we were stopped by a patrol car, coming up to the window of Fredís car the policeman realized it was Fred he had stopped, shouted to his mate ďItís only FredĒ, wished him goodnight and off we went. I must admit we did have a pint or two that night.

Fred had a life times knowledge of the breed and went out of his way on more than one occasion to show me around the area. He had a very generous spirit and was always willing to pass on information to help me. His services were always in demand as a judge and he judged many shows both here and abroad. He bred many Champions of both sexes and many very good dogs which were never shown. He new many of the real old
timers indluding the legendary Joe Mallen who he was friends with for many years, and he had many a funny story to tell.

I will always be grateful to Fred for his input into my life at a time when I was a very keen student of the breed and will always remember my many visits to Fred and Margarets home with great fondness. I do sometimes see Rod, Fred and Margaretís son at the odd show and remember happy days spent at the Cradbury kennel

Ruffhill Show Boy

Kenstaff flash fly boy